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Goods for the skin, hair and body.

Five years ago, with the help of a naturopathic doctor, Goods creator, Randi, figured out what was causing her body to react to certain foods and products, and that began her journey of how to fix it. From cystic acne to boils, mouth burning, and eczema of the scalp, she’d been trying to figure out what had been creating a colorful variety of symptoms that she’d treated with prescriptions for a good part of her life. After frequenting natural stores, standing in the isles carefully reading and looking up each ingredient she didn't recognize, she’d get home, use them and more often than not have a reaction. Being someone who loves getting to the root of problems and running efficient systems, she started creating her own products that were multi-use and simple to navigate. Goods is a completely clean, approachable line that she creates in her kitchen, using organic ingredients that only add value to the hair and body. Each product has our well-being at the forefront from start to completion.

Based out of Downtown Akron, Ohio