cradle cap spray

cradle cap spray


This product is an even milder version of our best selling So Clean // Everything spray and was created specifically to remove cradle cap naturally and quickly. We created our original formula for you to be able to leave it in or on your hair, face and body . . . but still smell good, and this cradle cap version is no different.  Our apple cider vinegar (ACV) based spray balances the ph level of dry, itchy scalp, hydrates and is an excellent detangler for wash days.  For this cradle cap version, we infuse flowers into avocado oil (instead of the jojoba oil we use in our So Clean // Everything spray) for additional moisture for your hair and as a lightweight moisturizer to complement the toning of the ACV.  We also switched up our oil to ACV to water ratios to make massaging and combing out the cradle cap simple.

Organic Ingredients:
unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV), calendula and chamomile infused avocado oil and tea tree, roman chamomile, lemon and lavender essential oils

Customer favorite uses . . . 
+ gently removes cradle cap
+ shampoo or rinse for eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis
+ leave in scalp treatment for eczema, seborrheic dermatities, psoriasis
+ scalp treatment when wearing or removing braids or extensions
+ body spray for eczema, psoriasis and various skin conditions
+ hydrating detangler for wash days
+ lightweight facial toner + moisturizer combo

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Review . . .

After trying several products to remove my daughters cradle cap, nothing removed it completely and her hair was starting to fall out from trying to remove the flakes. I generously sprayed her hair with the ACV mix and let it sit, then I gently scratched her scalp and the flakes came right up. Her scalp has been free from cradle cap since I’ve started using the spray. This is a product I highly recommend!
~ Maranda