lavender pillow

lavender pillow


We strayed from the traditional shape when we created our dried lavender pillows, so they feel like little tension releasers when you hold and squeeze them. Cotton muslin + hand-stitched embroidery filled with dried grosso lavender buds from The Little Lavender Farm in Ohio and Lavender Acres in Idaho.

Give the pillow a light squeeze and breathe in, or use in place of chemically treated dryer sheets for a subtle lavender scent. Lasts 10 - 12 loads as a dryer pillow.

The cloud version of this lavender pillow is included in the Goodies box by Nanny In the City for babies + moms.

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We collaborated with Princess from Nanny In the City on her idea for a baby + mom gift box, called Goodies. Originally from Akron, Princess offers this box alongside her postpartum doula and newborn care specialist services in Nashville.

It was very important to me that I use the best all natural and organic products, with healing moms and newborn’s sensitive skin in mind.
~ Princess, Founder