body + hair mango butter

body + hair mango butter

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Each combo of our whipped mango butter begins with a base of mango seed butter and a blend of oils that provide incredible hair + skin benefits without clogging pores.  This butter melts at high temperatures and solidifies when cooled.

raw cold-pressed mango seed butter * , cold-pressed unrefined virgin coconut oil *, avocado oil *, grapeseed oil *, jojoba oil * and a blend of essential oils * // certified organic ingredients *

​​​​Frankincense + Lavender
Frankincense might be one of our favorite things ever, so we packed ground frankincense resin * and frankincense essential oil * into our original scent. The 1 oz version of this lavender frankincense butter is included in the Goodies box by Nanny In the City for babies + moms.

Comfort + Clarity
Our most interesting scent includes essential oils like vetiver * and bergamot *, known for their grounding and calming properties that can help with focus and easing anxiety

Sage + Mint
Fresh and clean

Soft + Myrrh
If you love our underarm oil in the little clear bottle, you'll love this scent. We add in myrrh resin * for the tiniest bit of grit that rubs in smoothly

Vanilla + Hibiscus
We created a soft vanilla scent by infusing vanilla beans *, cloves * + dried hibiscus * into our oil blend

Vanilla Mint
We infuse vanilla beans *, cloves * + spearmint leaves * into our virgin coconut oil *, for a fresh, minty and true vanilla scent

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