hair + beard oil

hair + beard oil


Our hair + beard oil includes infused herbs and essential oils to assist in calming, repairing and keeping the skin and hair clean, moisturized and smelling fresh (and pretty amazing).

Customer favorite uses . . .
To promote hair growth // spot treat scalp and/or eyebrows and gently massage in
To alleviate itchy scalp (dry or oily due to excess sebum) // spot treat scalp and gently massage in
For beards // massage into damp beard and skin underneath
For shaving // gently rub onto skin, let sit 1-2 minutes, apply water, then shave with a wet razor
As a gentle aftershave . . . you get it

castor oil *, grapeseed oil *, dried calendula *, dried black tea *, lavender essential oil *, rose geranium essential oil *, roman chamomile essential oil * // certified organic ingredients *

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