tooth powder

tooth powder

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A light blend of clay, activated charcoal, frankincense and myrrh tears, and essential oils help clean, whiten and remineralize teeth and freshen breath without leaving a film

100% natural calcium bentonite clay, activated coconut charcoal, myrrh resin *, frankincense resin *, tea tree essential oil *, peppermint essential oil *, cinnamon leaf essential oil *, clove essential oil * // certified organic ingredients *

1 oz lasts an average of 1 - 2 months

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Reviews . . .

I bought the tooth powder recently at an event and I love it!!!!! I’m noticing my smile is brighter!
~ Emone

I was nervous at first to try the tooth powder, but once I did it was a life changer! I have had trouble with bleeding gums for 2 years and after 2 weeks of using the powder, the problem is gone.
~ Sam

Shout out to Goods for a fabulous glowing report from the dentist!  I’ve been using the tooth powder for a while now and love how clean my mouth feels. I had noticed along the way that I was not getting the staining on my teeth that I had been getting before, which I found out was from my toothpaste. Well, the day for my dental cleaning came and I braced myself for the horrific scraping, but it did not happen!  There was minimal scraping of tarter and the hygienist complimented me over and over on how clean my teeth were and how little work she had to do.  My gums don’t bleed anymore when I floss.
~ Angi